Water Detoxing and Its Potential Side Effects to the Body

Posted On November 18, 2019

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Water is healthier to drink throughout the day instead of juices, sodas, caffeinated beverages and sugary ice teas, and can prevent and lose extra weight gain.

This is because water is calorie free and purely hydrating to the body.

With that said, drinking water alone as a detoxifying method without consuming whole foods to provide the body with nourishment and energy is dangerous.

Why is water detoxing dangerous?

First of all, no one should ever consider detoxing the body using any method without first consulting with a health care professional. If they approve you for using a particular detoxifying method for cleansing the body from toxins and waste build up, it is wise to be monitored the entire time you are detoxifying the body.

Dangerous health risk can occur when using detoxifying methods such as the water detox.

During the water detox, all that you are taking in for a period of time is strictly water. Yes, sometimes water contains minerals that provide nourishment to the body, but not all the nourishment it needs to prevent health issues from occurring.

What health issues could occur from detoxifying with water alone?

Some of the health issues that could occur from detoxifying with water alone are dangerously low blood sugar and blood pressure levels, chronic headaches, dehydration from constantly relieving your bowels and bladder, reduction in muscle mass and strength, slower metabolism, dizzy spells, shakiness, mood swings and difficulty sleeping.

Another side effect from water detox is becoming addicted to using this method to lose weight since rapid weight loss does tend to occur on the water detox.

Who should never use the water detoxing diet?

People who should never use the water detox diet are pregnant women and patients with diabetes, cancer, heart complications, impaired immune system, eating disorders, or addiction problems.

Detoxifying the body may seem like a sure way to help cleanse and heal it back to optimal health, but there is no scientific evidence that states water alone can cleanse the body from toxins and heal it.

However, there are detoxifying methods out there that do work wonders for removing toxins from the body safely.

Where can safe detoxifying methods be found?

You can find out all the safe detoxifying methods out there by consulting with a healthcare provider. Healthcare provides educated in dieting, exercising and overall wellness of the body have a good understanding of what methods help with detoxifying the body safely using wellness supplements, whole foods, herbs and spices, as well as alternative therapies such as massage, acupuncture, hot baths, and aromatherapy.

What are some end notes to keep in mind for detoxing?

Remember, with any kind of detoxing method you want to try it is extremely important to consult with a health care provider first.

​Secondly, detoxing methods such as the water detox may sound promising to cleansing and healing the body from common health problems, but it isn’t proven that it works safely or effectively.

With all that said, you are not being told that detoxifying the body isn’t beneficial, but instead that particular cleansing methods are dangerous and that there are safe and healthy ways out there to detoxify and heal the body.

Knowing all this, you can now make the choice you want on whether to detox with water or not.

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Written by Elise Wheeler

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