Vitamin C Tea for Boosting the Immune System

by Elise Wheeler

I know with my Graveā€™s disease it is extremely important for me to keep my immune system healthy and strong by taking my daily dose of vitamin C, but I do not always like taking it in supplement form.

Instead, I like to make my own vitamin C tea that helps boost my immune system naturally without having to swallow down any pill form supplements, which I hate to do.

Ingredients Needed for the Vitamin C Tea

Vitamin C Tea for Boosting the bodys  Immune System

The natural ingredients I like to use to make my vitamin C tea are fresh oranges, manuka honey, dried rosehips and ground cinnamon.

These ingredients all contain tons of vitamin C and have a warm citrus flavor when combined together that taste comforting, soothing and pleasant.

This is especially true when you have the cold or flu and needing something nourishing and warming to drink to ease cold or flu symptoms naturally.

The cold and flu symptoms this tea helps ease away the best for me are the chills, body aches, nausea, dizziness, congestion, and headache and even body stiffness.

However, when I do not have the cold or flu, drinking my vitamin C tea regularly throughout the cold and flu season does help prevent me from getting sick by keeping my immune system healthy and strong naturally.

Now, you can find all the ingredients I have mentioned to make the tea at any of your local grocery stores, herbal shops and organic whole food stores if you do not already have them on hand.

Making the Vitamin C Tea

When it comes to making the vitamin C tea I take two fresh oranges, cut them into halves, squeeze the fresh orange juice from them and pour the fresh orange juice into my large mug.

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Then I add a tablespoon of manuka honey, which contains antibacterial and antiviral properties, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that are good for the body and immune system as well and place that into the mug too.

After, I take a tea infuser, place a tablespoon of dried rosehips and a fourth of a teaspoon of cinnamon into it, and place the infuser into the mug as well.

Next, I boil some water in my teakettle and after, pour the boiling water into my mug until it is full.

Then, I allow my tea to steep with some sort of cover over the top whether it is tin foil or a small plate to help draw out the medicinal properties from the rosehips and cinnamon, which takes about ten minutes.

Once the tea is ready, I give the vitamin C tea a good stir with a spoon to combine all the ingredients together and remove the infuser.

After, I sip the tea down slowly in a quiet area of my home or garden and simply enjoy the vitamin C tea as it nourishes my body and boost my immune system naturally with a healthy dose of much needed vitamin C.


Pregnant women should consult with their doctor before making and drinking my vitamin C tea to make sure it is safe and right for you to be drinking.

Overall, my Vitamin C tea is safe to drink unless you have allergies to any of the ingredients in this tea.

The best times to drink this tea are when you feel like you are coming down with the cold or flu, or simply need a daily dose of vitamin C to boost the immune system naturally.

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Those who suffer from an autoimmune disease like me or some other kind of infections can benefit from drinking this tea daily to keep the immune system healthy and strong naturally, so you do not become sicker.

However, several cups of this tea a day can cause diarrhea and upset stomach, so use this tea in moderation.

Typically, one to three cups a day is plenty.

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