Tarragon for Reducing High Blood Pressure

by Elise Wheeler

High blood pressure doesn’t always need to be lowered using prescription drugs. Sometimes high blood pressure can be reduced by simply adding tarragon to your meals. 

What is Tarragon? 

Tarragon is an herb that helps naturally reduce high blood pressure while giving food a wonderful bittersweet fresh herbal flavor.

Tarragon is a green leaf herb related to the sunflower family and comes in two different forms which are Russian and French. When cooking, many prefer to use French tarragon because it has a milder bittersweet flavor than the Russian. 

I personally like to use both kinds of tarragon to create a balance when I am using it in my cooking to help flavor my chicken or salads.

Tarragon for Reducing High Blood Pressure

I know some people even use the herb to make tasty salad dressings and sauces.

Although I will say you really only need a little bit of tarragon in your cooking because it is extremely strong, and using too much of it will leave food tasting like it was dipped in black licorice.

Benefits of Tarragon 

The reason Tarragon can be used in cooking to help lower high blood pressure and help regulate it is because it contains a compound in it called rutin.

Rutin is an antioxidant compound that helps not only lower high blood pressure, but it also helps prevent certain cancers such as colon and stomach.

It also helps prevent some illnesses and rids the body of any toxins because it keeps the bile moving and removing waste from the body’s organs.

Tarragon is used as well to prevent strokes and heart attacks.

In order to get the full health benefits of tarragon you would need to add 2 teaspoons to your food every night after cooking it, or adding it towards the end of the cooking processes for at least a month to see your blood pressure start to lower.

Cooking the tarragon at high heat or even making an herbal tea out of it can destroy the rutin in it making it less beneficial for lowering high blood pressure and prevent cancers, strokes, and heart attacks.

Sometimes, the best way to eat tarragon is simply by eating it raw in its natural form in a salad with other fresh veggies and an olive oil or vinaigrette dressing.


Now, I wouldn’t recommend you stop taking your blood pressure medicine if you have extremely high blood pressure.

I would recommend changing your diet and adding tarragon along with your medicine to help promote a normal healthy blood pressure until your doctor says you no longer need medication to control your high blood pressure.

You will also want to talk to your doctor before taking tarragon with your medication because it may interact with it or cause allergic reactions.

Otherwise, I say tarragon is an excellent safe natural way to reduce high blood pressure with or without prescription drugs.

End Notes

So, get cooking some delicious food and use some of that tarragon to help flavor your food instead of salts and butters.

As soon as you start doing this, the sooner the tarragon will help lower and regulate your high blood pressure and bring it back to normal.

I wish you all the best of luck with lowering your high blood pressure.



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