Amazing Stress Relieving Dandelion Bath Oil

by Elise Wheeler

Dandelions are typically used for their roots to make a medicinal detoxifying herbal tea and their leafy greens are used to make a tasty, yet slightly bitter salad that adds fiber and antioxidants to the diet.

However, I use the bright yellow dandelion flowers to make the most nourishing and soothing dandelion bath oil. 

The Benefits of Using the Dandelion Bath Oil

Amazing Stress Relieving Dandelion Bath Oil 1

The reason I love dandelions to make the bath oil is due to the beautifying and medicinal properties it contains.

Dandelions provide antioxidants to the skin that have anti-aging benefits that help reduce the appearance of age spots, fine lines, and wrinkles around the eyes and lips.

The fancy little weed has the ability to purify the skin as well due to the detoxifying properties it contains.

Dandelions can even help tone and firm up the skin when it is sagging and unbalanced, and they can help ease skin inflammation due to eczema and acne breakouts. 

Nourishing Nutrients in Dandelions

Dandelions contains skin nourishing nutrients like vitamins A, E, K, Complex B and C.

Dandelions also contain loads of skin nourishing minerals as well such as zinc, selenium, copper, potassium, magnesium, manganese, fluoride, calcium, phosphorus and sodium.

The skin also benefits from the essential fatty acids dandelions contain too.

Without these nutrients, our skin would not be protected from the harsh UV rays of the sunshine, air pollution, skin cancers or aging rapidly. 

Ingredients Needed to Make the Bath Oil

The ingredients you will need to make the homemade dandelion bath oil are three cups of freshly picked dandelion heads, two cups of olive oil, one cup of almond oil and a tablespoon of two of dried lavender flowers.

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Make sure, when you pick the dandelions for your bath oil, that you pick from any area outdoors that is free from contamination from animal fecal matter, pesticides and other toxic chemicals.

You can easily find the oils needed to make this bath oil at your local grocery store, herbal shop and whole food stores.

To find the lavender, simply visit an herbal shop near you that offers dried herbs.

However, you do want to make sure all the ingredients you use are top quality and organic because you do not want to be making your bath oil with toxic ingredients. 

Materials Needed

The materials needed to make the bath oil are two large clean jars to start with and then you will need a small metal strainer towards the end of the bath oil making process.

If you do not have these basic materials on hand, visit your local kitchen store and pick them up. 

Making the Dandelion Bath Oil

To make the dandelion bath oil, I find it is easiest to place all the ingredients into the jar and then I seal it up.

After, I give the bottle a good shake to coat the dandelion flowers well. If the dandelion flowers are not coated well, they will become moldy.

After, I place the jar in the sunshine for two to three weeks to help the oils extract the nourishing beautifying and medicinal benefits from the dandelion heads. The oils will also help pull the lovely lavender scent from the dried lavender flowers, giving the oil the most beautiful lavender scent possible.

Throughout the time the bath oil sits in the sunshine, you may have to add more oil because the flowers will absorb it.

You will know when the dandelion bath oil is ready because the dandelion flowers stop absorbing the oil and the jar begins to fill up.

Once the two weeks is up, it is time place the small metal strainer over the other clean jar you have and pour the dandelion oil filled jar into it straining the dandelions from the oil.

After, you will be left with this deep golden sweet lavender scented dandelion bath oil to bath in, but until you are ready to use it, it is best to store the bath oil in a cool dry dark place in the bathroom. 

Making a Dandelion Bath with the Oil 

When you are ready to make a relaxing and soothing bath with the oil, simply fill the bathtub up with plenty of hot water and add in a half cup of the dandelion bath oil.

Once the bathtub is filled up, get into the bath carefully and enjoy it for as long as you can.

The longer you soak in the bath the better your skin will look and feel. Soaking in the bath for long periods will also help relieve aches and pains from the body as well, due to the natural anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties it contains. 

Other Ways the Bath Oil Can Be Used

Now, the dandelion bath oil does not just have to be used for making a relaxing pampering bath for the skin and body.

It can also be used to ease foot pain.

Anytime my great grandmother had foot pain she would take some of the dandelion oil and massage it into her feet.

When my great grandfather would come home achy from work, she would massage him all over with the oil and within thirty minutes, my great grandfather’s aches and pains would be eased away.

I personally use this old family remedy to help cleanse scratches and small cuts gently because the dandelion oil contains antiseptic and antibacterial properties in it naturally.

The oil even works great when it comes to conditioning and adding shine to the hair as well as a natural hot oil treatment.

However, you will want to makes sure you wash and rinse your hair out well after using it in the hair or you will be left with oily weighed down hair.

I even like to massage a tiny bit of the oily into my face nightly to help prevent lines and wrinkles. My great grandmother did the same for years and it helped prevent her age spots from becoming worse.

Sometimes the oil would even help fade the age spots naturally. 


Those of you with allergies to dandelions should not use this old dandelion bath oil too nourish or pamper the skin or ease aches and pains in the body naturally.

I would hate to see you breakout with an allergic reaction.

This dandelion bath oil is supposed to soothe and nourish the body and skin only.

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