Amazing Speedwell for Relieving Chronic Coughing

by Elise Wheeler

Chronic coughing and chest congestion could be very irritating and tiring. It can cause upset stomachs, sore throats, breathing difficulties and chest pains.

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A great herbal remedy that helps relieving chronic coughing and chest congestion is speedwell.

Speedwell is a perennial herb that contains tannins, resins, Flavonoids, natural acids, and sugar in it, and it is usually made into an herbal tea or tincture to take orally to help relieving coughing and congestion.

Why Speedwell Works So Well With Relieving Chronic Coughing

The reason why speedwell can be used to help relieve chronic coughing and chest congestion is because it contains Leptandrin. Leptandrin works as a natural expectorant and helps get the thick white, green, clear, or yellow phlegm out of the airway, lungs, and throat.

In other words, it makes you have a productive cough by thinning out the thick mucus so you can cough it up easier. Speedwell is even used to make gargles for relieving sore throats because it works as a natural antiseptic.

Other uses speedwell is used for is detoxifying the blood and organs in the body. It also helps with cleansing the digestive system when it is sluggish and not working properly.

Other times it is used to help treat diarrhea, ulcers, bladder infections, nerve disorders, skin infections, stomach discomfort, and mouth sores.

The way to make the speedwell herbal tea to help treat chronic coughing and chest congestion is by placing 1 tbs. of dried speedwell leaves and flowers into a small cup, along with a few pieces of licorice, and 1 tsp. each of dried chamomile and peppermint leaves.

The reason other dried herbal leaves are added to the speedwell tea is to help give it a better flavor since speedwell has a natural bitter taste to it that is unpleasant for some.

If you prefer drinking the speedwell herbal tea straight up with just speedwell that is fine also.

Once all the herbs are in the cup add 2 cups of boiling water to it and allow the dried herbs to steeps and soak in the boiling water to create a healing herbal tea for 5 to 10 minutes. You can cover the cup up with tin foil or a lid to help steep a strong batch of herbal tea.

​Once the herbal tea is made you can strain the herbs from the tea and sip on the herbal tea alone or with some honey.

I personally prefer honey with this herbal tea because I cannot stand the taste of it. You should drink up to 3 to 5 cups of the herbal tea a day until your chronic coughing and chest congestion begins to go away.

The stores you can find dried speedwell herbal leaves and flowers at would be your local herbal stores. I really haven’t been able to get it anywhere else. Not too many stores carry this herb because it isn’t really popular. An herbal store is also where you would find organic speedwell tinctures. Tinctures is a mixture of grain alcohol and extracts of the herb combined together to form a strong natural medicine.

The speedwell tinctures are very bitter tasting and sometimes can make you throw up of you are not use to bitter tasting herbs. I would recommend just drinking the herbal tea because it is very hard to take.

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Anyways, I hope those of you who are suffering from chronic coughing and chest congestion can find some relief using speedwell.

I wish you all the best with feeling better soon.

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