Personal Trainer Food Diet Plans and Weight Loss Review

by Daniel Michaels

When it comes to food diet plans and weight loss, Personal Trainer Food is far ahead of the game, and on a league of its own compared to the competition.

Personal Trainer Food is a diet meal home delivery services that focuses on providing you with the best meal plans targeted at making you lose as much as 20 pounds of weight in the first 4 weeks; while still maintaining nutritious meals made up of high protein, carb rich and natural fats.

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With many folks having nagging issues and problems with weight loss control, there have been a resulting rise in the number of meal planning, fitness and weight loss programs; all often being promoted by the so-called gurus and professionals in the niche.

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This is not surprising, as the weight loss and fitness niche is a big market, and many would want to cash in on this.

There is nothing wrong in wanting to make some cash.

The problem, however, is that while the so-called experts dazzle the client with various ways and means of planning meals and losing weight, none of the methods seems to work; or just seems too difficult and unnatural.

All the while, the gurus bank account gets lined up with commissions.

This is not the case with Personal Trainer Food.

As the name suggests, this involves PERSONAL trainer food. What this means is that, you still end up eating natural nutritious meal, while you train yourself up in the process.

Everything is easy and breezy….and you get to see results fast.

I have personally bought into the program, and oh my, it worked for me.

While I initially thought it would be like some of those programs that promises heaven on earth but never really delivers, I was proven wrong; as Personal Trainer Food delivered what they promised to the very core.

It worked so well that I recommended the company to close friends and family who achieved similar positive successful results.

However, to see similar results with the Personal Trainer Food diet plans and weight loss program, you will need to follow strictly with the meal plans.

With that said, I want to add that this is not just a review but a personal recommendation on why I feel that the Personal Trainer Food program is the right fit for you if you seriously plan on losing weight without all the drama.

There is no doubt about it that the weight loss niche is huge, and that the weight loss programs are probably the most subliminal hype around with loads of scams being paraded online.

Am certain you won’t go wrong with this one.

If you have tried one or two weight loss programs before now, you might be wondering already and asking questions like:

  • Is weight loss for real or is it just some myth?
  • How can one really loss weight the right way and still eat heathy?

Well, you are in the right place as you will get your questions answered in this Personal Trainer Food diet plans and weight loss review.

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Truly, there have been myriads of programs and methods been shared by gurus, such as;

  • Juice fasts
  • Raw food programs
  • Hypnosis
  • Binging and fasting
  • Scientific approach, and a whole lot of shenanigans.

While some of these names might appear cool, and work for some time; or even in the long run; they are just too arduous and unnatural. They appear to be mere fads made up to fatten the pockets of the acclaimed gurus while the unwary are milked in the process.

I would say, give Personal Trainer Food a try.

Forget about all the noise and fads out there, and am sure it will work for you.

Personal Trainer Food Diet Plans and Weight Loss Review 6

Why You Might Want To Consider Personal Trainer Food Diet Plans and Weight Loss Program Compared To The Competition

As mentioned earlier, there are lots of noise out there when it comes to meal plans and weight loss and fitness. It’s a huge niche, and it’s not surprising that good folks want to eat healthy and be fit.

Personal Food Trainer has got some competition out there. Some of these competitors do also have quality weight loss and fitness programs even if there are many scams online.

This being the case, why would you want to consider Personal Trainer Food compared to the teeming competitors online?

Why choose them?

Well, there are a good number of solid reasons, and let’s have a look at some of them.

Personal Trainer Food Weight Loss Program Is Highly Reputable and Recognized

Personal Trainer Food diet plans and weight loss program is easily among the top most reputable weight loss program you are most likely to find on the web.

This is because they are a brand and come highly recommended by professionals and users as well.

However, when considering any effective weight loss program, it pays a lot to consider not just the brand name of the company, team or individuals behind the program, but the reviews and recommendations that comes from professionals and real users as well.

While there are many inflated and paid reviews online, the reviews and recommendations of personal trainer food appears not to have been paid for.

It was such reviews that I followed and found myself using the program…and now am recommending it to you.

These reviews are from real users like myself; from other top brands, seasoned coaches and professionals.

With almost everyone with something positive to say about Personal Trainer Food, they must be doing somethings right.

They are not just a registered brand name, but a company with repute and that delivers what it promises to, right out of the box.

Its little wonder they come highly recommended from professionals and users alike!

They have been featured in multiple magazines and shows including such as Bravo, Forbes, Fox News, Food Network, CBC News, Men’s Journal, Lifetime, etc.

Personal Trainer Foods offers Highly Targeted Meal Plans and With Loads of Variety of Meals to Choose From

With its focus of delivering weight loss foods to help individuals meet up with their weight loss goals through well set and trend-setting food plans, Personal Trainer Food provides well-crafted meal plans that features real meat, eggs, nuts and vegetables.

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They have over 800 different meal combinations with 28 breakfasts, 56 lunch and dinner entrees per shipment offered to consumers through their menu plans.

Personal Trainer Food Diet Plans and Weight Loss Review 7
30%OFF Any Weight Loss Meal Plan PROMO CODE: HEALTHY30Personal Trainer Food Diet Plans and Weight Loss Review 8

They offer 28 days of paleo starting off at $11 per day.

Their weight loss meal plan is used by more than 2, 500 personal trainers and their clients spread throughout the United States.

No matter your needs; whether as a trainer, dieting, a special condition or simply seeking nutritious well-balanced diet; Personal Trainer Food has got you covered.

They deliver fresh frozen and individually packaged and pre-cooked foods; bringing both convenience and healthy foods right to the doorstep of the consumer.

This not only makes life easy, but enable the consumer to replace wrong foods in their routine with the right and healthy foods available in the Personal Trainer Food menu.

This menu is so packaged to fit the consumers lifestyle and weight loss goals.

It also comes with healthy eating instructions for any of the customers chosen meal plan, easy daily exercises as well as supplementary information that’s tailored to help boost results.

From day 1 – 7:

This period is used from transiting from processed foods to whole foods. The consumer will experience sugar withdrawals. Its recommended to walk 2000 steps a day

From day 8 – 14:

Energy increases and the body starts undergoing detox from processed foods. This is the period known as the “Fat Burning Mode”.

From day 15 – 21:

Customers can start expecting weight drop at day 15 to 21 as they begin to understand how the whole process works with their body, mind and emotions.

Personal Trainer Food diet plans just simply works!

Personal Trainer Food Allows for Diet Restrictions and Preferences

Those with special diet restrictions and preferences are also given consideration with the Personal Trainer Food meal plans. Many weight loss and diet delivery services don’t consider this; or find it just too bothersome to do so.

For those that are diabetic, or pre-diabetic, there are customizable meal plans tailored to meet their needs.

So, do you need to eat less sodium?

Are you allergic or intolerant to certain foods like:

  • Gluten
  • Dairy
  • Pork, etc.

Are you interested in just Paleo-friendly diet?

No matter your preferences, you can rest assured that Personal Trainer Food has got you covered.

Their weight loss coaches are always available to help you create the perfect meal plan.

What You Need To Know MORE about The Personal Trainer Food Program as Well as Pricing

In addition to what you have already known so far from this review of Personal Trainer Food weight loss and meal planning program, it is very important that we have a closer look at the various meal and dieting plans, as well as the pricing.

Personal Trainer Food offers the following meal and diet plans:


This is the diet plan that promises a rapid weight loss through what the company refers to as “extreme fat burning”.

This comes with several modes of support that includes daily email support, weekly weight loss calls as well as one on one coaching.


This is the essential plan that focuses on “Delicious Convenient and Effective Weight Loss”.

Lunch and dinner are also a part of this plan, and customers will receive email support as well as weight loss coaching.

Your Choose:

This is the option that allows you to create your own meal plans. What this means is that you can make the pick of your own breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks options accordingly.

This meal plan doesn’t come with any additional support.

Pricing and Cost of Personal Trainer Food Meal Plans

The following are the personal trainer food plans based on the option you choose:

  • For the Rev Plan: $384.30 for the first time, 28-day order and $191.80 for the first time 14-day subscription.
  • For the Core Plan: $321.30 for the first time, 28-day order and $160.30 for the first-time 14-day subscription.
  • For the You Choose Plan: $363.30 for the first-time, 28-day order and $181.30 for the first-time 14-day subscription.
Personal Trainer Food Diet Plans and Weight Loss Review 9Personal Trainer Food Diet Plans and Weight Loss Review 10

No matter the plan you end up choosing, you are sure going to end up seeing results just as promised.

The Pros and Cons of Personal Trainer Food Weight Loss and Meal Plans Program

Before we conclude with this review of Personal Trainer Food, it is timely and very important that we consider the advantages and disadvantages of Personal Trainer Food.

As with any services or products, there are inherent advantages and disadvantages; so let’s start off with the pros.


  • The meals provided by Personal Trainer Food are not just planned but convenient and easy to make as well as they are pre-cooked. This ensures that time constraint is not a problem; especially for the busy career person.
  • The meal plans are loaded with vitamins and minerals for the best nutritional values.
  • All meals are purchased online and delivered straight to your home; and this ensures there is no room for “cheating”. You get exactly what you pay for.
  • You have access to the best support system, one-on-one; with professional health coaches, who assist you with your weight loss goals to help change your life for the better.
  • In addition, they have a maintenance program to ensure you follow up with your weight loss plan even after making your purchase. This is very important, as they don’t just leave you and make sure you follow up with your weight loss plan successfully. They follow up with emails and calls; and there is a support chat system available as well.
  • They offer meal plans for clients that involves special diet and meal preferences like meals for diabetics and for vegetarians.


The Personal Trainer Food platform doesn’t really have a con per say; except two kind of.

They deal with only US based and residents. If you are not resident or based in the United States, you cannot cash in on this wonderful platform.

I guess this is mainly for them to be able to cater very well for their customers as they deliver door to door.

So, if you are not US based, you are out of luck and can’t make use of Personal Trainer Food.

Also, you are expected to do a certain amount of work on your own part in terms of exercise.

You should walk about 20 minutes a day. That’s where the name Personal Trainer Food comes from.

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