Parsley Mint Tea for Ridding Bad Breath

by Elise Wheeler

There is nothing worse than having bad breathe. I know I get it after eating garlicky and sugary foods. It seems the sulfur from the garlic just hangs out in my mouth and the sugary foods encourage bacteria with bad odors.

Usually after meals, I head right to the bathroom and brush my teeth well, but sometimes I do not have time to do it after.

Therefore, instead I make up a homemade batch of parsley mint loose-leaf herbal tea to have on hand to use for making up a cup of tea that fights off bad breathe naturally.

The parsley mint tea is very earthy in flavor, but is cleansing to the mouth and kills the bacteria that causes bad breath.

In addition, it is very good for the digestive system, boosting the immune system and relieving stress. 

Freshly Dried Herbs Needed

The freshly dried herbs I always have on hand from my herbal garden to make this loose-leaf tea are parsley, peppermint, spearmint, chocolate mint and sage.

Parsley Mint Tea for Ridding Bad Breath

You can use fresh herbs to make this tea, but you will have to double up on the amount of herbs you use because they do not produce as much flavor.

However, they contain the same amount of medicinal properties needed to kill the bacteria in the mouth that causes bad breathe.

Now, if you do not have any herbal garden or dried herbs on hand like I do. You can visit your local herbal shop and see what they have on hand. They should have every herb you need.

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Reasons the Herbs are Used

The main reasons why the parsley, mints and sage are used are that they contain antibacterial properties in them that are cleansing to the mouth and they contain essential oils in them that freshen the breath and leave it smelling minty fresh.

In addition, I like to use these herbs because they contain anti-inflammatory, digestive healing, heartburn relieving and antiviral and anticancer properties that help keep the body healthy and strong.

Along with all these reasons, the herbs help reduce gum diseases, cavities, inflamed and bleeding gums and they help whiten teeth naturally while helping the teeth become stronger.

Creating the Loose Leaf Parsley Mint Herbal Tea

To create the loose-leaf parsley mint herbal tea, you will first need a large glass jar with a lid to store it in.

After, carefully measure out two cups of dried parsley, a cup of dried peppermint, half cups each of dried spearmint and chocolate mint and a forth cup of dried sage and pour them directly into your glass jar.

Then with a wooden mixing spoon, combine them together well until all the herbs are well blended together.

Next, store the jar in a cool dark dry location so it stays fresh until you need to use the loose-leaf tea to make an herbal tea to relieve bad breath or digestive issues such as heartburn naturally.

Making a Cup of the Parsley Mint Herbal Tea

To make a cup of the parsley mint herbal tea to freshen the breath naturally, first boil some water in a teakettle.

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While the water is boiling, add two teaspoons of the loose-leaf tea into a small tea-steeping ball.

Next, place the tea-steeping ball into a small mug and pour the boiling water over it.

​After, allow the tea to steep on the countertop for ten minutes until a greenish yellow mint aroma tea with an earthy mint flavor forms.

The longer you allow the tea to steep the stronger it will be in aroma and flavor.

Once the tea is ready, sip it down as it is and even swish it around in your mouth with each sip to cleanse the entire mouth naturally.

You can even let the tea cool down completely and use it as a natural homemade oral mouth rinse. I do this often and it has really helped keep bad breath away, whitens my teeth and keeps my gums and teeth healthy and clean naturally.

It also helps heal canker sores and cold sores within the mouth while relieving some of the discomfort these sores can cause.

Bottom Line

When you are in need of a natural way to fresh breath quickly, safely and effectively, try making and using the homemade parsley mint herbal tea for fresher breath.

It works well for me and it is my number one remedy to use for ridding bad breath after meals and sugary snacks.

I hope the remedy helps you as well.

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