Natural Treatments for Easing Breast Tenderness

by Daniel Michaels

Breast tenderness is a condition I have suffered from since puberty. I believe this is due to an herbal supplement I have been taking since I was a teenager to treat and prevent migraine headaches naturally.

That supplement is feverfew.

However, my breast tenderness seems to intensify most often during my menstrual cycle due to hormone levels rising and falling.

Being on a proper diet has reduced the tenderness greatly, but there are some other natural ways I have found useful for treating this condition as well, and I will share those right after I am done explaining what exactly breast tenderness is, along with other possible causes.

What exactly is Breast Tenderness?

Breast tenderness is throbbing, or sometimes even dull aches around or within the breast caused by the fluctuation of hormones within the body.

Hormone fluctuations could be caused by a number of factors like pregnancy, improper diet, hormone replacement therapies, certain medications and medical conditions, puberty and menstruation.

However, breast tenderness can sometimes be caused by breast-feeding and injury.

Who can Experience Breast Tenderness?

Females are more likely to experiences breast tenderness than me, but men can sometimes experience it as well.

Even young adults going through puberty can often times experience breast tenderness due to chances and growth spurts within the body.

The Natural Ways you can Avoid Tenderness within the Breast?

One of the best natural ways I have learned to avoid tenderness within the breast is by avoiding certain foods and beverages that contain excessive amounts of caffeine such as chocolates, soda pop, coffees and teas.

You see, caffeine contains a chemical compound known as methylaxanthine.

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breast tenderness with dilated nipples

Methylaxanthine causes the blood vessels within the breast to dilate causing breast distension, which leads to soreness and tenderness within the breast.

Therefore, reducing the amounts of caffeine consumption per day as I have been doing can greatly reduce the amount of breast tenderness you have occurring.

Other foods and beverages that could possibly cause breast tenderness due to their ability to change the hormone balance within the body are soy nuts, hormone treated dairy products and meats, lavender herbal teas, alcohol beverages and highly processed foods that contain large amounts of salt.

Salt has a way of affecting the way the thyroid properly functions creating an imbalance within the hormones.

Food and Herbal Remedies I Find Useful for Reducing Breast Tenderness

When it comes to treating and easing my breast tenderness naturally, I make sure I eat a healthy diet consisting of fresh organic fruits and vegetables daily with an adequate amount of lean protein from fish, nuts, seeds, chicken and turkey along with plenty of fresh water to drink to stay hydrated properly.  

smiling woman treating breasts tenderness

With a proper diet, the inflammation, aches, pains and soreness within my breast eases away naturally and the hormones in my body begin to balance back out.

I also find sipping on red raspberry tea during my menstrual cycle helps ease the tenderness within the breast as well.

That is because red raspberry is an herb that helps balance out the hormone levels in the body during a menstrual cycle while also relieving inflammation due to the anti-inflammatory properties it contains.

Another herb I find helpful is parsley.

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Parsley helps reduce swelling and tenderness in the breast caused by water retention. The best way I find to use parsley for easing tenderness away is with a homemade parsley tea.

To make a homemade parsley tea, combine a teaspoon of parsley with a cup of boiling water and allow the two ingredients to steep together for seven minutes to draw out the diuretic properties parsley contains.

After, sip the tea down and enjoy the natural relief it provides.

Dandelion root has the same effect as parsley, so if you do not have parsley on hand use dandelion root instead.

Bottom Lines for Natural Treatment for Breast Tenderness

As you can see, diet is a huge factor in treating and relieving breast tenderness naturally.

Without a proper diet that keeps the hormones in check, the hormones would be up and down and unbalanced all the time causing great tenderness in and around the breast often.

‚ÄčTherefore, the next time you are wondering what is causing your breast tenderness check your diet first, and if that is not the cause, it is probably due to a medication, supplement, medical condition, puberty or pregnancy.

However, with any kind of breast tenderness it is best to visit a doctor for a proper diagnosis because sometimes breast tenderness is a sign of cancer, but this is extremely rare.

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