Natural Herbal Remedies For Treating Food Poisoning – Recipe For Barberry Tincture

by Daniel Michaels

Food poisoning can happen to anyone. Even the most careful of individuals could fall victims.

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It is often through no fault of ours.

In this article, we will have a look at an almost forgotten herb that has the power to fight and eliminate food poisoning.

The herb is bayberry.

Bayberry used to be a popular herb amongst the Choctaw Tribe in the southern parts of America many years ago in its use for the treatment of high fevers and diarrhea. Today, we do not seem to use this medicinal herb as often to treat fevers or diarrhea unless recommended by a herbalist.

However, you could use bayberry to make a tincture and treat the symptoms that come along with food poisoning since the herb contains myricitrin, which is a natural antibiotic that fights off and kills harmful bacteria and protozoa in the gut naturally.

Ingredients and Materials Needed In Making the Bayberry Tincture

The ingredients

  • Half-cup of dried bayberry bark powder
  • A cup of vodka that contains at least fifty percent or more of alcohol.

The materials

  • A pint-sized mason jar
  • A spoon
  • A small strainer
  • Cheesecloth and
  • Glass-measuring cup.

If you do not have these ingredients or materials on hand, you can find them easily at any at herbal shops, liquor stores or kitchen shops

Making a bayberry tincture takes time and care should be taken to make it properly.

  • The first thing to do when beginning to make my bayberry tincture is to place the dried bayberry root bark power into the mason jar with the vodka.
  • Then, combined the bayberry root bark powder into the vodka well with a spoon and place the mason jar lid tightly onto the jar.
  • Now, place the mason jar in a cool dark space for up to a month so the vodka can really help draw out the medicinal properties from the bayberry root bark powder and a brown tincture forms with a slightly bitter taste.
  • Once the tincture is formed, it is time to strain the dried bayberry root bark powder from the tincture by placing a small strainer with cheesecloth inside of it over a glass-measuring cup and carefully pouring the homemade bayberry tincture into the strainer. You may need to squeeze the cheesecloth to totally get rid of the tincture out of the bayberry roots.
  • Then toss the herb filled cheesecloth away, remove the strainer and carefully pour the homemade bayberry tincture back into the mason jar and store in a cool dry place until you need to use it for medicinal purposes.
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Using the Bayberry Tincture

On occasions of food poisoning, you may medicate on the tincture by taking a dropper and filling it up with some of the bayberry tincture and placing 15 to 20 drops of the tincture under the tongue for 30 seconds. Then wash the tincture down with plenty of water and repeat this treatment three times per day until the food poisoning and symptoms are gone.

However, if you have a severe case of food poisoning it is best to speak with a herbalist or doctor before using bayberry tincture as a natural remedy to cure it because sometimes food poisoning can be so severe it needs medicinal attention.

Precautions with Bayberry

Taking too much of bayberry tincture could result to an upset stomach and lower your potassium and sodium levels. Those who have heart conditions, kidney disease, and high blood pressure and are pregnant should keep away from this medication unless recommended by a herbalist or doctor.

Always speak with a herbalist or doctor before using this herbal tincture for children because the dose we take as adults tend to vary in children depending on their weight.

That said, bayberry is safe to use and does work wonders when it comes to relieving food poisoning, high fever and diarrhea.

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