Natural Herbal Remedies For Treating Chronic Cough – Complete Herbal Recipe

by Daniel Michaels

Coughing is not only embarrassing but could be discomforting as well.

However, anyone could fall victim to cough especially in a cold weather; and being a virus is very to dismiss.

If you are a public speaker or an entertainer who depends on his / her voice for a living, the loss and embarrassment could be immeasurable.

In this article, we are going to have a look at how to treat and cure a chronic cough.

Let’s get started already!

Chronic Coughing and The Various Solutions

Chronic coughing and chest congestion could be very irritating and exhausting. It could result to stomach upsets, sore throats, breathing difficulties and even chest pains. A potent herbal remedy that helps in relieving chronic coughs and chest congestion is speedwell.

herbal-tea-for chronic coughing

Speedwell, a perennial herb, contains tannins, flavonids, resins, natural acids, and sugar. The preparation involves turning speedwell into an herbal tea or tincture which is taken orally to help relieve coughs and congestion.

Speedwell contains an antioxidant called leptandrine which helps in relieving chronic coughing and chest congestion.

Leptandrine works as a natural expectorant; helping to get rid of that thick white, green, clear, or yellow phlegm out of the airway, lungs, and throat. In other words it manages the coughing by thinning out the thick mucus so you could cough up easier.

Aside chronic coughing, speedwell is also useful in making gargles for relieving sore throats that often accompanies chronic coughing as it works as a natural antiseptic.

Speedwell has found other uses in detoxification of the blood and organs in the body. It is also very helpful in cleansing the digestive system when it becomes sluggish and tends not to be functioning properly.

At other times, it comes handy in treating diarrhea, ulcers, bladder infections, nerve disorders, skin infections, stomach discomfort, and mouth sores. Speedwell is a major player in the herbal community.

Preparation of Speedwell Medication For Chronic Coughing

For the treatment of chronic coughing and chest congestion, speedwell herbal tea can be prepared by placing 1 tbs. of dried speedwell leaves and flowers into a small cup, alongside a few pieces of licorice, and 1 tsp. each of dried chamomile and peppermint leaves.

The additional dried herbal leaves supplements are necessary to help give the speedwell tea a better flavor since speedwell has a natural very bitter taste; however, if you are okay with the bitter taste you could take it without the extra herbal supplements.

Now, add 2 cups of boiling water to the dried leaves combinations and allow the herbs to steeps and soak in the boiling water to create a healing herbal tea. It should be left for about 5 to 10 minutes. The medication could be covered with tin foil or a lid to help steep a strong batch of herbal tea. Strain the herbs from the tea once the medication is ready; which could be taken as a standalone or add natural honey to it for sweetening purposes. This is only necessary if the mixture is too bitter for you.

Drink about 3 to five cups every day until the coughing and congestion disappears.

Speedwell herbal leaves and flowers can be found in your local herbal store; alongside all the other supplements we used above. This herb is not very popular but it could still be gotten from your local store.

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I hope those suffering from chronic cough and chest congestion would find this article really useful.

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