Natural Herbal Remedies For Cold Sores – The Raw Whole Milk Remedy

Posted On April 22, 2017

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If you suffer from nasty tingly red cold sores that eventually sting and become blistery; then you are not alone. There are myriads of people with the same condition as yourself.

Many people resort to over the counter cold sore creams and treatments to help treat their cold sores, but the fact remains that a many of such creams are useless and just a complete waste of money.

The goodness is there is an effective natural treatment that can actually soothe and heal up a cold sore in very little time. This is achieved by using raw whole milk.

raw whole milk

Raw whole milk is able to soothe and heal up cold sores in very little time because it contains proteins called immune-globulins.

Immuno-globulins are proteins that work as antibodies in our bodies to help in fighting off and preventing viruses such as the herpes simplex which causes cold sores on the inside and outside of the mouth.

Raw whole milk contains L-lysine, an important amino acid. L-lysine helps inhibitor to the amino acid called arginine; which is the amino acid that causes the cold sore outbreaks. L-lysine is essential for cold sore suffers because it helps prevent and as well speed up the healing of cold sore outbreaks.

People who have diets high in arginine amino acids are more prone to getting cold sores than people who have a diet high in L-lysine amino acids. The best way to get L-lysine into your diet is simply by drinking some raw whole milk every day.

You could also treat a cold sore outbreak is by making and applying cold raw whole milk compress to the cold sore directly. All that’s needed to make a raw whole milk compress is one large cotton ball as well as a tablespoon of milk.

Basically you soak the cotton ball in the milk to create a milk compress; then apply it to the sore.

The milks coldness helps with soothing the tingling and stinging sensation as well as help relieve the redness of the cold sore. The milk which contains the immune-globulins and l-lysine will help in treating the cold sore virus by inhibiting the cold sore viruses which is why milk is so effective.

You could totally prevent cold sores by drinking 2 to 3 glasses of raw whole milk each day. This will help get the immune-globulins and arginine into your diet to inhibit the virus and prevent it from forming.

However, cold sores can still easily be triggered by direct sunlight and foods high in arginine so don’t forget to take in more milk so your immunoglobulins and l-lysine outweighs the bad amino acids. It is only when arginine is higher than the l-lysine that the herpes simplex virus can attack the body and cause cold sores.

Raw whole milk is perhaps the best natural way that comes to mind to help with preventing and treating cold sore outbreaks.

No modern medicine can compare to the effectiveness of raw whole milk; so no need wasting your money on them.

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Written by Daniel Michaels

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