Homemade Laxative Syrup for Constipation Relief

by Elise Wheeler

Constipation is a nightmare to deal with on a regular basis. I would know because I use to suffer from it often and it did not matter how much water I drank or what diet I was on daily; I still suffered from it.

My digestive system just did not want to function properly and my intestines always seemed bound up.

Laxative Syrup for Constipation Relief
woman with constipation holding her stomach

Over the counter medications and prescription medicines did not seem to relieve my discomfort and neither did fiber supplements.

The only thing that seemed to help was a remedy an elder in my family taught me to make and use nightly and that was the cocoa aloe laxative syrup.

Aloe and cocoa have laxative properties and healing ones too due to the antioxidants, vitamins and minerals they contain. 

Why is Aloe and Cocoa Useful for Relieving Constipation? 

The reason why aloe can help relieve constipation is that it contains natural laxatives in it.

Aloe is also a natural detoxifying herb with a bitterness that stimulates the bile. The herb even conditions and heals the intestines and digestive tract due to the antioxidants, vitamins and minerals it contains.

Cocoa is useful for relieving constipation due to the high amounts of magnesium it contains. Magnesium is a necessary nutrient needed for proper muscle function.

When the muscles in the digestive and intestinal tracts are not functioning properly, it makes it harder to past a bowel movement.

​In addition, cocoa contains caffeine and caffeine is a natural diuretic that helps liquid reach the colon faster, which helps hydrate the stools so you are able to pass them easier.

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However, too much caffeine can cause headaches and constipation, but when it is used wisely it does relieve constipation well. 

Ingredients Needed for the Aloe Cocoa Laxative Syrup 

The ingredients I find useful for making my elder’s aloe cocoa laxative syrup are two cups of pure organic aloe juice and a forth cup of organic dark cocoa powder.

These are the only two ingredients you will need.

You can find them at any grocery store, but I prefer to get them at an organic whole food store because this is the only place I can find them organically.

I always make sure the ingredients I get for the syrup are organic because when they are in their organic form, they still contain the laxative properties I need. When they are over processed, they do not relieve constipation at all. 

Making the Aloe Cocoa Laxative Syrup 

The way I make the aloe cocoa laxative syrup is by taking a clean thirty-two-ounce wide mouth mason jar and by pouring the ingredients into it.

Then, I place the lid on the jar and give the ingredients a good shake to help combine them together to create this chocolaty aloe syrup, which is the aloe cocoa laxative syrup.

After, I store the syrup in the refrigerator until I am ready to take it. 

Orally taking the Laxative Syrup 

To relieve constipation rapidly I find it is best to drink down a forth cup of the syrup while your suffering and then to drink down a large glass of water.

Usually within an hour of doing this, relief is provided, but everyone’s body responds differently to each remedy so while this may work for me it may not work for you.

To prevent constipation on a daily basis I find it is best to take two tablespoons of the syrup nightly before bed with a glass of water.

The syrup is bitter tasting, but it does work well for me and I hope those of you who uses this remedy will now be able to find relief too.


Those of you who are sensitive to caffeine or have rapid heartbeat should not use this remedy unless you speak to a doctor first.

Aloe can cause allergic reactions in some people too, so, do not use this remedy if you are allergic to aloe.

If you still suffer from constipation after using this remedy or experience blood in your stools, it is best to visit your doctor for a checkup for a proper diagnosis, but for normal constipation I find this is an effective remedy.

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