Homemade Itch Relief Remedy for Mosquito Bites

by Elise Wheeler

Mosquito bites are itchy, always red and puffy and most of the time annoying.

When a mosquito bites me, I do not run to the medicine cabinet for one of those drug store brand anti-itch creams for insect bites.

I do not like the unnatural ingredients they contain.

Instead, I make and use my own mosquito bite relief cream and it works just as good, but without the side effects or unnatural ingredients of a drug store brand one.

You can make and use your own as well and you will learn how to do just that right here.

The Ingredients Needed

The ingredients needed to make the mosquito bite relief cream are:

  • a cup of pure aloe vera cream
  • a half cup of vitamin E cream
  • five drops each of lavender oil
  • chamomile oil
  • menthol oil
  • tea tree oil and
  • a tablespoon of organic honey.

Now, I always have these ingredients on hand in my herbal pantry because I am always making remedies and wellness products when they are needed instead of buying medicines from the drug store.

If you do not have these ingredients on hand, you can find them at local grocery stores, whole food organic grocery stores, herbal shops and spa shops.

Even some craft stores have these ingredients on shelves to buy.

Reason the Ingredients Are Used

The reasons I choose to use these ingredients are because they contain a natural anti-histamine effect on insect bites and stings and they provide cooling soothing relief.

In addition, the ingredients reduce swelling due to the anti-inflammatory properties they contain along with the anti-septic, anti-bacterial and pain-relieving ones as well.

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Along with the medicinal properties these ingredients contain, they also contain antioxidant, vitamins and minerals, which are healing and nourishing to insect bitten or stung skin.

Materials Needed

Along with all the ingredients needed, you will also need a medium size glass jar or container that is sterile and clean, a mixing spoon or small wire whisk and some paper towels or a cotton cloth nearby just in case you make a mess.

If you do not have a glass jar or container on had with a sealable lid, you may use a small squeezable bottle instead and make a squeezable mosquito bite relief cream instead.

This will allow you to squeeze small amounts of the cream out of the bottom directly onto the insect bite or sting.

Making the Cream 

To make the mosquito bite relief cream, place all the ingredients carefully into the container you are storing them in, and then combine them together with the spoon or wire, whisk until they are evenly combined.

If you are making the cream in the squeezable bottle instead, you will have to give the bottle a good shake to combine the ingredients together.

Once the ingredients are combined together, you will have a healing and soothing herbal scented mosquito bite relief cream to apply to any insect bite or sting for soothing relief.

Now you may store the cream in the refrigerator once it is made, so anytime you need to use it, it is cold and soothing to the insect bite or sting as soon as it is applied to the infected area.

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Who Should Not Use the Cream?

Those of you with allergies to any of the natural ingredients in this cream should not make or use it for soothing insect bite or stings naturally.

Possible allergic reaction can occur.

Otherwise, the cream is safe to use and without any side effects at all.

Using the Cream

When you are stung by a mosquito or by an insect, it is best to make and apply a small amount of the cream to the infected area immediately.

The sooner the cream is applied to the infected area the sooner it can provide relief and prevent further inflammation, stinging, or itching.

The best way to apply the cream is by taking about a half teaspoon of it and massaging it into the infected area well.

You may apply the cream up to three to four times daily.

You may also use the cream to relieve hives, poison ivy rash symptoms and wind or sunburned skin to help calm and nourish it back to health.

Bottom Line 

The next time an insect bites or stings you, try making and using the homemade mosquito bite relief cream instead.

It will soothe the infected area just as well as any drug store brand insect bite or sting creams, but without the side effects and unnatural ingredients that are possibly harmful to the body and the environment.

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