Homemade Detoxifying Bath Soak

by Elise Wheeler

Once in a while, I like to make a lovely relaxing homemade detoxifying bath soak to help rid toxins from my body and skin naturally.

The bath soak also helps draw impurities out of my skin while relieving any itching and redness I might have.

It is even an excellent homemade bath soak to help soothe sunburns and skin rashes.

Natural Ingredients For Making Homemade Detoxifying Bath Soak

The natural ingredients I use to make my homemade detoxifying bath soak are:

  • 2 cups of apple cider vinegar,
  • 2 cups of ground rolled oats,
  • 1 cup of dried loose chamomile leaves,
  • 1 cup of dried green tea leaves,
  • 2 cups of Epsom salt and cup of ground ginger powder.

These ingredients should be organic for them to work best with detoxifying the body.

Homemade Detoxifying Bath Soak

Now, the reason I use this combination of organic ingredients is that they help draw toxins out of the skin and body, counteracts radiation treatments do to medicinal treatments and the environment, soothes dry skin while eliminating impurities, restores acid-alkaline balance to the body, relieves aches and pains and treats skin rashes caused by poison ivy, oak and sumac.

All of these organic ingredients can be found at a grocery store.

The easiest way to make the homemade detoxifying bath soak is by pouring all the ingredients into a large mixing bowl and combining them together until they are evenly distributed.

The bath soak should smell like herbs and have a speckled gritty powder appearance.

You can pour the bath soak directly into a plastic sealable container or jar and store it away in a cool dry place for up to a month.

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How To Use The Homemade Detoxifying Bath Soak

The best way to use the homemade detoxifying bath soak is by filling the bathtub up with lots of hot water that you can bare, but not so hot that you burn your skin.

Then what you do is pour 2 cups of the bath soak into the bathwater and allow it to dissolve.

After, you can get into the bath and soak for as long as you can.

One hour is usually the best amount of time to soak because it will really help draw the toxins from the body and skin.

Then after the bath, it is best to rinse off with warm water and pat the skin and body dry with a cotton towel because the soak can leave herbs and a light film on the skin.

After, you will feel rejuvenated and cleansed.

You can use this detoxifying bath up to 3 times per week to help maintain health, or as often as necessary when you have been sick or have irritating skin rashes. 

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