Herbal Earwax Solution

by Elise Wheeler

Earwax is a yellowish waxy substance that protects the ear from debris, harmful bacteria and fungal infections. This makes earwax a healthy substance for the ears to have because it provides protection.

However, too much earwax buildup can cause temporary loss of hearing, stuffiness in the ears and earaches.

I know because I have dealt with this situation before, but the prescription ear drops my doctor recommended did not help break the earwax up at all.

In fact, it was a remedy I made that did the trick.

Herbal Earwax Solution 1

That remedy was my homemade herbal earwax solution. It dissolved the earwax and allowed me to hear again without that annoying sensation of something blocking my eardrum. 

Essential Oils Needed for the Homemade Herbal Earwax Solution 

The essential oils needed to make my homemade herbal earwax solution are olive oil, tea tree oil, chamomile essential oil and lavender essential oil.

These oils can easily be found at your local herbal shop or whole food grocery store.

I personally purchase them online at Vitacost because they are too expensive for me to purchase at my own local herbal shop.

However, you do want to make sure the ingredients are safe to use internally and made from pure ingredients. You do not want to put any harsh ingredients into your ears that could cause harm. 

Making the Herbal Earwax Solution 

To make the herbal earwax solution, you will need a clean sterile eyedropper bottle.

Once you have the bottle, unscrew the top, and pour some olive oil into it until the bottle is half way full.

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Next, add in a drop each of each essential oil. The essential oils of tea tree, lavender and chamomile will help treat an earache, ear infection and any fungal or bacterial infection in the ear that you may have along with wax build up.

The olive oil in the earwax solution mainly helps loosen up the earwax so it drains out of the ear so you can hear again.

Once all the ingredients are in the bottle, place the eyedropper cap part back on and give the bottle a good shake to combine the oils together well.

After, you will have a lovely herbal earwax solution that will not only help remove excess earwax build up, but will also help treat most kinds of ear infections.

However, those with severe wax build up or a severe ear infection should visit their family physician for proper medical treatment. 

Using the Earwax Solution 

The way I use the earwax solution is by laying down on a bed or sofa with the ear that is built up with wax towards the ceiling.

Then, I have my partner carefully place two to three drops of the solution into my ear.

After, I lay there with the solution in my ear for about five to seven minutes to be sure the solution is breaking up the earwax and treating any infection I might have in the ear.

Next, I lay down in the opposite direction with that ear on a towel-coated pillow to drain the solution along with the excess wax buildup out of the ear.

Typically, after one use, I can hear again, and my ear is functioning properly, but once in a while, it does take two to three doses of this remedy in the ear to get the wax buildup removed from the eardrum. 

However, before using this herbal earwax solution in your ears to remove earwax build up or treat an infection, make sure it is safe for you to do by talking with your doctor first.

Make sure you do not have any allergies to any of the essential oils used in the solution. If you do, I would avoid using this remedy to remove earwax buildup. 

Since I have been using this remedy, I have not experienced any side effects at all. The solution is soothing and very cleansing to the ear canal, and I feel a lot safer using it than prescription ear drops. 

Bottom Line 

Anytime your ears become backed up with too much earwax, try this remedy. I know it works well for me and keeps my ears healthy, clean and hearing properly.

I hope those of you who try it find relief too.

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