Energizing Homemade Herbal Tea to Battle Away Fatigue

by Elise Wheeler

​Whenever I become fatigued due to illness or overworking the body, I find a homemade herbal tea made from green tea, eleuthero root and orange peel helps boost my energy levels back up naturally.

It seems to also help provide my body with a good dose of antioxidants as well to help keep me healthy, which is definitely a plus when cold and flu season comes around and I need natural prevention.

Energizing Homemade Herbal Tea

However, before any of you try this fatigue combating remedy it is recommended that you speak with an herbalist or naturopath doctor first to make sure it is safe and right for you. 

Creating the Loose Leaf Herbal Tea Blend

To create the fatigue combating loose left herbal tea blend you will need two cups of dried organic green tea leaves, half cup of dried organic eleuthero root and a forth cup of dried orange peel chunks.

You can find these herbs at any local herbal shop or whole food grocery store if they are not ingredients you keep on hand.

I know that in my house I always keep these herbs handy in my pantry since herbs contain multiple nutrients and medicinal properties in them that can help heal and nourish the body naturally. 

Brewing Up a Batch of Tea

Anytime you are ready to brew up a batch of tea you will need to fill up a pot with six cups of water and add in a forth cup of the dried loose-leaf tea blend.

Then, place the lid on the pot and the pot onto the stove burner.

Next, turn the stove burner on, bring the herbs, and water to a roaring boil.

As soon as the ingredients reach a boil, immediately remove the pot from the stove and allow the ingredients to steep and brew up a lovely batch of energizing herbal tea.

When the hot nourishing beverage is ready it will have a golden color to it and a sweet citrus green tea scent and flavor, which can be bitter also.

However, you can ease the bitter flavor away by adding honey or nectar to the tea. 

Pour Yourself a Cup of Healing 

When you are ready to battle the fatigue feelings away and energize your body simply, pour yourself a cup of the herbal healing beverage and sip away.

However, you should make sure you drink this beverage in a calm peaceful environment so you can thoroughly enjoy the cup of tea and begin to heal the body properly. 

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