Dangers and Health Risks of Having an Abortion

by Daniel Michaels

The issue of abortion has been and is still being debated. Whether abortion is morally wrong or right is not the issue here. The truth remains that even with the most professional medical attention, things could turn out awry for the person undergoing or who has gone through an abortion.

In the western world, abortion has been legalized and is a normal norm but not so in some parts of the globe.

It is true that an abortion should be carried out in cases of complicated pregnancy where the woman’s welfare is a major concern, other than that abortion could be quite dangerous.

If you have been thinking about having an abortion, there are a number of different things which you should be sure to consider beforehand. Whether or not having an abortion is morally correct is not the issue here.

While majority of the studies which have been performed about the dangers which are associated with abortions are often scrutinized and debated, there are a variety of different known factors which you might experience after having an abortion. Each of these factors may be negative to your health, so it is important to take one into consideration before you decide to go through with an abortion.

Most common dangers of having an abortion

  • Inflammation of the cervix

This is one of the most common effects of having an abortion. Although you might look at it as a minor side effect, the truth is that it is not. In fact, the results of this side effect tend to be very severe. One of the things that it can lead to is Pelvic Inflammatory Disease, which can eventually permanently damage your pelvis. It can also lead to Cervical Cancer later on in life. It is estimated that about three thousand women die from Cervical Cancer in the United States each year.

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For other countries where abortion is not legalized, you could just imagine the stats given the environments under which these abortions are carried out and by quacks in most cases for that matter.

  • Infertility

This is another very common affect of having an abortion. This is especially something that you might experience if you decide to have more than one abortion. A larger percentage of the infertility experienced in most homes in Africa is as a result of several abortions carried out earlier on in life and under very unsafe conditions

In fact, abortions can be held as an accountable problem for at least thirty percent of women who are experiencing problems with infertility.

  • Complications during a later pregnancy.

Another thing that having an abortion may cause is complications during pregnancy. Some of the things that you may be faced with if you should decide to get pregnant after an abortion include premature births, an increased chance of having a miscarriage, low infant birth weights, and even infant death. If having children in the future is something that you are looking forward to, which I believe most healthy women do, chances are that you might want to reconsider having an abortion because of these dangers.

  • Psychological strains

This is the often neglected side effects of having an abortion. Even if the other complications never do rear their ugly heads up, we cannot neglect the emotional and psychological strains they will have on the individual. Such persons normally go through life with a low self esteem and worth. They feel that they have committed an abominable act which is not far from the truth. Some even harbor suicidal thoughts. Such persons need serious counseling to regain their self-worth and forge ahead in life.

So, are you considering having an abortion? You better think twice. You can prevent having one totally by using protection or abstaining totally.

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