Cherry Vanilla Sleep Syrup Remedy

by Elise Wheeler

Restless nights with constant tossing and turning are things I use to experience a lot.

Now, I no longer suffer with being awake all night long or with the feelings of being extremely fatigued and exhausted in the morning.

Instead, I make and take a homemade cherry vanilla sleep aid syrup that helps promote sleeping by inducing the hormone that helps the body into a restful state of being, which by the way makes me fall asleep naturally without the use of other dangerous sleep aids.

Useful Ingredients for Making the Cherry Vanilla Sleep Aid Syrup

The ingredients I use to make a homemade cherry vanilla sleep aid syrup are one pound of freshly pitted cherries, a cup of honey, a half cup of lemon juice, a cup of distilled water, tablespoons of dried passionflower herb, and three sliced open vanilla beans.

These ingredients can be expensive depending on what grocery store or herbal shop you purchase them at, but once you have them on hand, make a big batch of the syrup and you will have plenty of hand.

The syrup will not go bad once it is made because the honey and lemon in it help preserve the syrup naturally.

The Reasons the Ingredients Are Used

The reasons I use the ingredients I do to make the cherry vanilla sleep aid are endless. First of all, the cherries are used because they naturally contain melatonin, which is a natural hormone the body needs to help induce sleep.

However, as we get older or certain diseases and other illnesses creep into our bodies along with stress, the melatonin levels in our body drops. When this occurs, falling asleep naturally on our own is nearly impossible.

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The reason vanilla beans are used in the sleep aid syrup is that they contain sedative properties that help relax the nervous system of the body. The scent of the beans alone helps ease anxiety, headaches, tension, depression, restlessness, panicking, stress, aches, and pains away naturally.

The herb is also useful for treating restful leg syndrome, which typically occurs most often at nighttime keep people away. It is even useful for treating cramping, backaches, nausea and vomiting as well, which are symptoms we experience will illnesses or overworking our bodies.

Dried passionflower is helpful because it contains sedative-calming properties as well that relieve insomnia and restfulness naturally. The herb is a good natural pain reliever of headaches and body aches too.

Honey and lemon are useful for making this syrup because they help preserve the flavor and shelf life of the syrup while adding antioxidants, vitamins and minerals our bodies need to stay healthy and strong naturally.

Making the Cherry Vanilla Syrup

When it comes to making the cherry vanilla syrup, I find it is easiest to toss the ingredients into a medium saucepan, place it on the stove on medium to high heat and bring it to a roaring boil.

However, you will want to watch the syrup closely because it can over boil and create a huge sticky mess.

Once, all the ingredients have reached a boil, it is best to reduce the heat to medium low heat and allow the liquid in the pan to reduce in half. This takes about twenty five to thirty minutes.

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Then, once the liquid is reduced in half it is time to strain the cherries from the syrup carefully. The way I do this is by taking my big glass-measuring cup with the spout and placing a medium sized metal strainer over it.

Then, I carefully strain the syrup from the cherries so all I have left in my measuring cup is the syrup. After, I carefully pour the syrup into clean glass pint sized mason jars and allow them to cool for an hour.

Once the syrups have cooled, I place a lid on them and store them in the refrigerator until I need to use some to help me fall asleep naturally.

Using the Syrup

In the evenings, when you know you are not going to fall asleep on your own, pour two to three tablespoons of the syrup into a small paper cup. Then, drink the syrup down and go relax by reading a book, listening to music, taking a hot bath or simply by laying in bed and watching the television.

If in twenty to thirty minutes you do not begin feeling sleepy, take another dose of the syrup. Usually within two doses, you begin to feel like you can finally fall asleep and actually stay asleep.

For me, it takes one dose of this syrup. On days when I have had a bit too much caffeine, I do need to take two doses. After taking the homemade sleep aid, I usually begin feeling tired within the first fifteen minutes and by the time thirty minutes has gone by I am in bed and out for the night.

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In the morning, I actually wake up well rested and ready to tackle the day without and drowsiness, which is very nice. However, everyone and reacts different to different remedies so if you wake up drowsy, just drink some green tea or coffee and that should help immensely.


If you do decide to take the sleep aid syrup too ease anxiety, stress, depression, headaches, or as a natural pain reliever during the day, it is best to not do heavy tasks throughout the day. You should not drive or operate any machinery while using this remedy at all. Women pregnant should not use this cherry vanilla syrup for relieving nausea or vomiting because the side effects are unknown.

Those with allergies to any of the ingredients in this syrup such as the cherries, vanilla beans, honey, lemons or passionflower should not make or use this syrup at all.

Otherwise, the syrup is safe and effective to take on a regular basis at nighttime to help ease you onto a peaceful sleep naturally.

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