Basil Remedy for Healing Warts Naturally

by Elise Wheeler

Warts are unsightly and they are contagious because they are in fact a virus caused by the papillomavirus.

The good news is just because you touch someone with a wart does not mean you will catch one in that moment. If you do happen to catch the wart virus or have the wart virus, its good to know that there are natural ways to treat this virus, rid warts and prevent them from coming back.

One remedy my family makes and has found useful is a homemade basil ointment.

Basil naturally contains antiviral medical properties that help treat and rid warts naturally.

The Ingredients Needed

The ingredients needed to make the basil ointment for warts are fifteen drops of pure organic basil essential oil, forth cup of zinc oxide ointment, two drops of tea tree essential oil, tablespoon of manuka honey and five drops of black walnut oil. You know why the basil is useful for treating warts, but you are probably wondering why the other ingredients are used as well to make the wart ointment.

The other ingredients are used because they also contain antiviral properties that help treat and heal up warts naturally too. They also contain vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that help protect and heal damaged infected skin as well.

You can find these natural ingredients at any local whole food or herbal shop in your area. I tend too always have these ingredients on hand because I believe highly in natural remedies to heal the body.

Making the Basil Wart Ointment

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The way I find easiest to make the basil wart ointment is by placing all the ingredients into a medium size clean glass jar and combining them together with a spoon. After, I have this silky thick creamy ointment with a strong basil scent to it that is slightly refreshing.

Some people may find the scent to be too strong, but I do not mind it at all. Once the ointment is made, place the lid on it and store it some place cool and dry such as the medicine cabinet until you are ready to use it.

Using the Basil Wart Ointment

The best way to use the basil wart ointment to treat warts is by first making sure your hands are really clean.

I find washing my hands with organic tea tree oil hand soap helps tremendously since tea tree oil contains anti-viral properties and naturally cleanses infected skin. After, I take a cotton swab, dip it into the wart ointment, and apply a nice thin even layer to the wart or warts.

Next, I allow the ointment to absorb into the wart or warts well and after cover them up with a bandage for twelve hours. Once the twelve hours is up, I repeat the same steps until the warts of cleared up completely.

The process can take anywhere between two weeks to a month with consistent applications every twelve hours each day. Sometimes two applications a day is needed for a severe outbreak of warts or stubborn warts that just will not go away.

If your warts persist longer than a month, it is best to see a homeopathic doctor or your regular modern medicine physician for further treatment.


The basil wart ointment should not be used to treat gentile warts unless it is recommended by a doctor that it is safe to do so. Those allergic to the ingredients in the ointment remedy should not use it to treat warts at all because you do not need another problem on your hands.

​Overall, the ointment is safe to use and no one in my family or I have ever suffered any negative side effects from using this remedy. We have all seen positive results and have seen warts disappear with this passed down remedy.

I hope those of you who make and use this remedy find relief from your warts naturally too.

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