Amazing Homemade Arnica Cream Remedies for Relieving Body Aches

by Elise Wheeler

In this household when our bodies hurt, we like to massage arnica-based pain creams, gels and oils into our bodies to help ease the pains and aches away naturally. The reason why is because arnica is an herb that contains pain relieving and anti-inflammatory properties.

However, I recently discovered in some of the arnica products I was purchasing that they contained some unnatural ingredients, which is why I have learned how to make my own basic arnica cream and gel as well.

Here, I will share with you how to make both arnica products and the benefits of using them to help ease your body’s aches and pains away naturally as well. 

Useful Ingredients for Making the Arnica Cream and Gel 

The useful ingredients you will need on hand for making the arnica cream and gel are pure aloe vera gel, organic and pure arnica oil, essential oils of lavender, peppermint, ginger root and rosemary, organic aloe vera cream, pure emu oil and pure vitamin E cream.

Homemade Arnica Cream Remedies for Relieving Body Aches

All the ingredients need to be pure and organic in order for them to contain the medicinal properties required to help ease aches and pains effectively and naturally. 

The pain and ache relieving medicinal properties the ingredients just mentioned contain are anti-inflammatory, pain relieving, and anti-spasmodic.

These are the main reasons I use natural ingredients to make the cream and gel. 

You can find the ingredients needed to make the arnica cream and gel at pharmaceutical stores, herbal shops and whole food grocery stores.

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I even purchases mine online from online herbal shops and spa stores because I can buy them in bulk and have a lot of them on hand when I need to make up a remedy such as the arnica ones. 

The Materials Needed 

The materials you will need to create the homemade arnica cream and gel are sterile jars and containers with lids and a small spoon for mixing.

The jars do not have to be large or new, but they should be cleaned well before storing the arnica remedies inside of them. 

Making the Arnica Cream 

To make the arnica cream, you will need to measure out a half cup each of aloe and vitamin E cream, a tablespoon of emu oil, three tablespoons of arnica oil and place them into the jar of your choice.

I usually use a dark brown glass; one that helps protect the cream from spoiling, which it should not because the vitamin E in it acts as a natural preservative.

​Then, add in ten drops each of lavender oil, peppermint oil, ginger root oil and rosemary oil.

After, combine the ingredients together with the spoon until you get a creamy herbal scented arnica oil that is potent in medicinal properties that will ease your discomforting aches and pains away naturally. 

Using the Cream 

The best way I find to use the homemade arnica cream for relieving aches and pains is by massaging it into a warmed body after a relaxing bath in Epsom salts.

When the skin and body are warmed and relaxed the cream melts deep into the skin and muscle a lot better, relieving the discomfort quicker while also hydrating and nourishing the skin.

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Once the cream is applied, I lay or sit down in a quiet place, and sip on some tea and relax. 

Creating the Arnica Gel 

To create the arnica gel, you will need to measure out a cup of aloe vera gel and place it into a clean jar with ten drops of each essential oil of lavender, peppermint, ginger root and rosemary.

Then, add in a tablespoon of emu oil and combine all the ingredients together until you get a thick arnica pain relieving gel with an herbal scent that will be translucent in appearance.

After you will have, a gel to use when needed to help ease body aches and pains away naturally.

You may also add five drops of menthol oil to the gel to give it a soothing and cooling sensation. 

Using the Arnica Gel 

Now, to use the arnica gel, I like to take a handful of it after a painful injury or pulling a muscle and massage it into the area generously.

The gel also soothes bruises and body aches away well too.

I find it effective for easing the burning sensation a burn can cause after burning yourself.

In addition, it protects the damaged skin and helps it heal after a minor burn.

However, if you have severely burned yourself or injured yourself, it is best to visit a doctor immediately for proper medicinal attention. 


Those of you allergic to any of the ingredients in the cream or gel should not make or use them at all. So far, since I have been making and using the cream and gel, I have not had any side effects from the ingredients at all and have found both of them to be very effective for relieving aches and pains within the body naturally and well.

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