Amazing Zinc for Acne Treatment

by Elise Wheeler

Acne treatment using skincare products, cleanser and moisturizers should just be forgotten about since they are most often time, not really effective and just complicate things. For many, it seems a waste of money and the bottom line is they simply do not work as advertised.

​Therefore, let us discuss what does work.

What does work is an essential mineral everybody’s body needs to help keep the skin healthy and glowing instead of covered in red sore acne blemishes.

That essential mineral is zinc.

Why is zinc used as an acne treatment?

Zinc is used as an acne treatment because it has the ability to restore hormonal imbalances in males and females.

Many times, acne breakouts occur when the hormones are unbalanced, which is why many teenagers and young adults suffer from acne.

Zinc is also essential for healing and regenerating the damaged tissues of the body including the skin, which makes zinc an important mineral for skin health.

Those of you with overly oily skin, which can cause acne can also benefit from adding zinc to your daily diet because zinc has the ability to balance out the skin’s natural oil production.

Zinc is even more beneficial for acne sufferers because of its ability to enhance the immune system and make it stronger so it can prevent the skin from further acne breakouts.

However, you have to know how to get zinc into your diet properly in order to use it to treat acne.

How can I get zinc into my daily diet?

Zinc supplements for Acne Treatment

Truthfully, the best way to get zinc into your daily diet is by eating whole foods rich in zinc.

Some of the best whole foods that are rich in zinc to eat are fresh leafy greens, squashes, fresh fruits, seeds and nuts, oats and brown rice, fish and seafood, red meats and chicken, dairy foods such as whole milk, cheeses and butters as well as farm fresh eggs and beans. 

Another helpful way to get zinc into your daily diet is by taking a multivitamin with zinc in it or by taking a zinc supplement.

However, before taking any zinc supplement or multivitamin it is best to talk to your doctor first to make sure it is safe and right for you and to discuss the proper dosage.  

If you are not interested in adding zinc supplements to your daily diet to help treat acne then herbs are another route to take.

Some of the best zinc rich herbs to use are parsley, rosemary, sage, dill and chervil.

By eating whole foods rich in zinc, taking zinc supplements and even using herbs rich in zinc you can see a great improvement in the way your skin looks and feels within a few weeks.

Conclusion on Zinc for Acne Treatment

Keep in mind that acne treatments, facial cleanser and moisturizers will not cure your acne.

The only true way to clear and heal acne prone skin is with a diet rich in zinc using whole foods, zinc supplements and fresh herbs rich in zinc.

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As long as you stick to these basic remedies, your acne prone skin should begin to heal up because the best way to clear up acne is by nourishing the body with zinc from the inside out.

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