Amazing Citrus Energizing Herbal Tea

by Elise Wheeler

When illness strikes, or stress drags you down or a sleepless night happens, it can leave a person feeling exhausted, even more stressed out, irritability and anxious and extremely fatigued.

I know I feel all these things when I am lacking sleep and good health.

However, I have a remedy that works wonders for relieving these feelings due to illness, stress and lack of sleep.

My remedy is a homemade citrus energizing herbal tea made with energizing herbs and fresh organic honey.

The Energizing Herbs and Ingredients Needed

The energizing herbs and ingredients I use to make my citrus energizing herbal tea are six tablespoons of organic green tea leaves, three tablespoons of dried orange peel herb, two tablespoons of eleuthero root, tablespoon of dried organic elderberries, six teaspoons of raw organic honey and twelve cups of fresh water.

These ingredients can be found at any herbal shop or whole food grocery store.

Amazing Citrus Energizing Herbal Tea

However, I try to get my honey from a local bee farm that produces organic fresh raw honey because I find it fresher and feel it contains more nutrients in it that can be energizing to the body such as B vitamins, minerals and natural sugars.

Why are the herbs and honey used to make the citrus energizing herbal  tea?

The herbs and honey are used to make the citrus energizing herbal tea because they contain several nutrients that can help energize and heal the body from stress, exhaustion and illness.

For example, the green tea contains antioxidants and caffeine, which relieve exhaustion and fatigue, the orange peel contains vitamin C to help boost the immune system, eleuthero root is a natural adaptogen that helps the body adapt to physical and mental stress and elderberries contain antibacterial and viral properties that can fight off illness and prevent illness from occurring.

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The reason I use fresh raw honey in the citrus energizing tea is because it contains B vitamins, minerals and natural sugars that have the ability to naturally energize the body, relieve stress and treat illness so a person can begin to feel better faster.

Making the Citrus Energizing Herbal Tea 

The way I make my citrus energizing herbal tea is by first placing all the dried herbs into a large tea-steeping ball.

Then I place the steeping ball into a pot with the twelve cups of fresh water, cover the pan and allow the tea to steep on low heat for about thirty minutes to draw out the healing benefits from the herbs.

Once the tea is made, it has a deep brownish color and light sweet citrus aroma, but then I mix in the raw organic honey to help sweeten it up a bit and add more energizing nutrients to it.

When the tea is ready, I scoop some of the tea into a mug and sip on it until it is gone and pour myself another mug full until I feel refreshed an energized, or until the energizing tea is gone.

However, I should warn you now that drinking this tea tends to make you hungry so having a snack while sipping on this tea can be helpful.


People who are allergic to any of the ingredients in my citrus energizing herbal tea should not use this tea.

Those who suffer from certain health conditions such as diabetes should consult a doctor before using this remedy.

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Pregnant women should not use this energizing tea because the side effects are unknown.

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