Amazing Basil for Banishing Blemishes

by Elise Wheeler

Stubborn blemishes that leave awful scars are what I have been dealing with lately. One of the natural remedies I have been using to battle the blemishes is basil.

I use basil because it contains an essential oil in it that contains antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that help treat and clear up blemishes naturally.

Basil for Banishing Blemishes

I also find this herb useful for soothing stressed skin and evening out the skin’s complexion naturally by fading away acne scars.

How Do You Use Basil To Heal Stubborn Blemishes?

There are a few ways I enjoy using basil to heal stubborn blemishes.

The first way is as a creamy facial cleanser by placing a tablespoon of dried or freshly crushed basil leaves into a cup of pure organic aloe juice and allowing the herb to release its medicinal properties into the juice for at least overnight.

Then, in the morning, I strain the basil from the aloe juice and mix the basil infused aloe juice with a cup of pure organic vitamin E cream.

After, I have a lovely creamy basil facial cleanser too simply wash my face with nightly.

However, in order to keep the creamy basil facial cleanser fresh, I store it in the refrigerator between uses until it is all used up and then I make another batch.

The creamy basil facial cleanser can be used like any cream facial cleanser you buy from the drugstore.

The other way I like to use basil to heal up my blemishes is by taking the creamy basil facial cleaner I made and applying it to my face in a nice thick even layer as a facial mask.

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After, I leave the mask on for about 30 minutes as I do stuff around the house and then I wash it off with warm water and pat my skin dry.

I find that with each use of the basil facial mask, my skin looks clearer, fresher and brighter and it definitely feels a lot softer.

However, I only find time to use the mask once weekly. I feel if I could use the mask more I would always have clearer skin with less scars on my face due to horrible blemishes that do not heal properly.

Another way I enjoy using basil is to make a basil tea facial spray to help tone and gentle cleanse my skin quickly when I do not have enough time to use the creamy basil facial cleanser I made with a washcloth and warm water.

The way I make the basil tea facial spray is by placing a tablespoon of basil into a small tea infuser ball, placing the infuser into a cup of boiling water and allowing it steep for twenty to thirty minutes in the cup covered up with a small plate or lid to trap the essential oil inside the tea. 

After, I allow the basil tea to cool in the refrigerator before pouring it into a clean spray bottle.

Then, when I want to wash my face quickly before bed, or before going out, I grab my basil facial spray from the refrigerator, which is where it should always be stored.

Then, I spray my face down with the basil tea, take a cotton cloth and wipe my face clean; and this helps to remove makeup, dirt and oil from my skin naturally and quickly while treating my blemishes and making my skin look lively.

Bottom Line for Basil as a Natural Blemish Remedy 

When all other skin remedies fail to heal blemishes and fade away scaring, I have found basil works the best for my skin type, which is combination skin with a bit of sensitivity in some areas such as my forehead and chin.

My cheeks are usually where I get blemishes because they seem to always be the oiliest, but using any of the basil remedies usually helps rid the oil away from my skin, which helps prevent new blemishes from occurring and old ones from worsening.  

I do hope these basic basil remedies help clear up your blemish prone skin as well if you decide to try them out.

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