by Daniel Michaels

Bites and Bowls is a website where we blog about food recipes from all around the world as well as drinks that tingles your lips.

If you value your palates or you seek solid information relating to anything food, drinks, restaurants and healthy living, then this site has been tailored for you.

The articles in this site have been so written to make them interesting and exciting to read….aside being informative.

Each articles is well researched and written, and you will find real solid gems in each article published in this site.

Bites and Bowls have you in mind with each article published here.

  • The aim is to get you informed on latest food and drinks recipes
  • We aim at providing information that will assist you to living healthier and longer
  • We also aim to entertain you with fun facts, myths and real facts on anything food related from around the world
  • We aim to provide reviews on best food and drink recipes, as well as kitchen utensils that you would love.

We have got you covered…..in all areas related to food and the kitchen; talking about your bites and the bowls!

Also, if you have gotten any food recipes you would love to share with readers, we would be glad to publish it as long as its original and worth sharing.

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