11 Unusual and Strangest Restaurants From Around The World

Modern Toilet Restaurant

toilet restaurant

Located in Taipei and owned by Eric Wang, the idea behind this strange restaurants was born when one of the owners was reading while sitting on a toilet.

Can you beat that!

Initially, they were just into the sales of chocolate ice cream sold in toilet shaped containers but as the idea caught on and became a success, it was turned into a full-fledged toilet-themed restaurant. The meals are served in non-functioning toilet-shaped bowls dinnerware.

If you flinch at the idea of eating in a place that gives you the idea of a toilet, then this is not for you. The surprising thing about this restaurant is that it is highly affordable. With just $10 you get a sumptuous meal in a toilet-shaped bowl.

If this is not one of the strangest restaurants in the world, I wonder what is.

Ice Restaurant

Ice Restaurant

If you have watched Disney’s cartoon, Frozen, then you might get an idea of what the Ice Restaurant might look like. While the owners don’t turn what they touch into ice, almost everything in the restaurant is ice-themed. Diners get to sit on ice benches and chairs, they get to eat at ice tables and eat out of ice plates, and they also get to drink from ice glasses served from a bar made of ice.

What have you got to say about that!

I have watched Frozen and I loved it…especially the Ice Castle scene. If you really want to get that Frozen world Disney experience, then the Ice Restaurant based in Dubai it is.

I have no doubt whatsoever that the lady by your side will love it!

Dinner In The Dark


Have you ever considered the idea of eating in a pitch black restaurant with myriads of other people; just digging into your meal?

Spooky, some of you might say……but this is what you get at Dinner In The Dark restaurant, a joint located in Beijing, China.

All the rooms in the restaurant are designed so black and so dark, and incoming visitors are guided by waiters who are equipped with night view binoculars.

This certainly fits this list as one of the strangest restaurants from around the world.

Flashlights and mobile phones not available, and visitors can only smell and taste the food by eating in the dark. Just use your senses to relish the meal.

Tombs Restaurant


Though coming at the tenth position on this list, it’s one of the strangest restaurants in the world. Now imagine the idea of eating in a cemetery….with tombs around you.

That’s the lookalike you get with the Tombs restaurant located in Ahmedabad, India, though you get served meals by real people and not zombies.

This strange restaurant is quite well-known for menu like the milk-tea and bread rolls, as well as the tombs between the tables. The owner of the restaurant claimed to have opened the restaurant for about 40 years, an inheritance, and doesn’t know who are buried beneath the graves.

Draculas And Witches In Britches, Melbourne Australia

Draculas And Witches In Britches, Melbourne Australia

For fans of the supernatural like Vampires, Werewolves, Dracula and Witches, you will find these restaurants a dream come true. Owing its popularity to the resurgence of the Twilight phenomenon, these horror-themed restaurants based in Melbourne are the craze.

Draculas claimed to have served more than three million people in the 30 years it has been in business. Draculas offers its drinks in a graveyard and you are also welcome to a ghost-train ride.

The 40 years old Witches in Britches is located in Wicked Castle, offering a kitschy interactive show with its roots in contemporary pop culture with pumpkin soup made of herbs picked from ‘the old hags garden’, and ladled from a cauldron.

Really witchy I say.

There, you have it. Some of the most unusual and strangest restaurants from around the world.

If there is any other weird restaurants not listed here that you know of, kindly make mention of it in the comments section and we will be sure to add it up.

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