10 Most Difficult and Confusing Food Recipes From Around The World

by Daniel Michaels

For those who like trying out new recipes; like myself; getting to master a particular recipe gives that thrilling and fulfilling feeling.

However, there are some really confusing and difficult recipes from around the world that its almost impossible to master them; or very time consuming.

What makes these recipes difficult and confusing to master is not the scarcity of the ingredients. Not at all. The ingredients can be easily sourced out.

The steps involved are just too difficult to learn that it takes weeks, or even months to learn them.

I have compiled a list of 10 of the most confusing and difficult food recipes from around the world.

I do hope you have some fun reading through the list as I had in researching and writing this article. If you already master some or all of these recipes, then kudos to you.

Let’s get started already.



This is a recipe that requires patience and time because of the hard work involved; so, if you are someone that lacks patience, then this is not a meal you should ever think of preparing.

This recipe requires a very long wait because of the time it takes to layer all the numerous ingredients required.

A traditional Italian delicacy, this recipe contains layers of cheese, béchamel sauce and pasta. Preparing the stuffing can be really slow and it is a bit expensive too. You have to spend a great deal of time layering the ingredients and then baking it.

If you lack patience, and you are short-fused, my advice would be to try out another food recipe and let this one go.

Trust me, it takes real patience to try out this recipe; especially for the very first time.



These days, bread and butter pickles are readily available at the supermarkets and stores; but still, many folks still want to make theirs from scratch.

These folks don’t like ready-made food, and like making their own food from scratch.

There is nothing wrong with this.

However, are you ready to spend the whole day making a dish? To make bread and butter pickles, you would need almost the whole day. The reason for this is that the ingredients needed for this recipe are not just too many, but the whole preparation process is really strenuous as well.

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The recipe contains various ridiculous steps that have to be followed, and which are very time consuming. You have to slice and season the cucumber first, then absorb water from the cucumber with a clean towel. This will take almost the whole day, especially if you do take your time in doing such things.

This seems to be one hell of alot of work just for a meal! I guess you agree with me on this one?

I advise that whenever you are ready to prepare this dish, set aside a whole day so you don’t disrupt any planned schedules.


Salt-Crusted Fish

Just from the name alone, you should know that this would be a difficult recipe to prepare. A dish that has just salt all over a whole fish should be definitely difficult to prepare.

It’s even more surprising that after preparing this dish, it doesn’t taste salty at all.

Certainly, this sure should be the difficult part.

If you ever want to enjoy this meal, just have a chef make it for you at a restaurant; and trust me, you are so getting a splendid treat.

This meal has an entire fish being covered by salt just like someone is being buried in sand, but funny enough the end taste isn’t salty at all.

But if by any chance you don’t mix the egg and salt properly, then the salt might leak into the fish and this will create a taste you won’t be comfortable with.

Just save yourself the stress and have a chef prepare it for you.



baked alaska

Did I hear you say making ice cream is hard?

Try making Baked Alaska and understand the real meaning of the word hard. Not only is molding the ice cream around the cake difficult, covering it with meringue, and then having to bake it is very stressful.

My friend tried making it sometime last year and I know how difficult it was for her. All she kept telling me was “I would have just ordered for it rather than try making it myself”.

So, if you want to try it out yourself, you end up spending hours to assemble and freeze; and don’t even mention about pouring liquor over the baked meringue!

Oh dear, this is really stressful to be made at home.



This is a French meal and it’s also a slow version of cooked beans along with several types of meat.

Before preparing this meal, you have to buy a special earthenware pot for making this recipe, and also you would start preparing one day in advance so that you can gather different types of meats and also soak the beans overnight.

The dish must be cooked on low heat for 4 hours.

Just imagine the stress of cooking one meal as you have to keep an eye on it!

The process is not only time-consuming but imagine having to get a brand new pot solely for this dish.



There is this great feeling that comes with eating this delicacy but making it is quite difficult.

It requires a lot of perseverance especially from preparing the dough to making the apple filling.

These steps are very delicate. You will have to knead the dough on a table for some time, then you will roll with a rolling pin.

There are still more steps attached to making this meal, but I believe with determination you can prepare this meal.



It is a Moroccan preparation that is poached in a special pot. It’s a slow-cooked stew with meat, vegetables and aromatic spices that takes a couple of hours to cook on low heat.

The toughest part of this preparation is adding the ingredients or seasonings that contain an entire ton of fruits like apples, pears, prunes, apricots, dates, raisins, olives, quinces, lemons etc. In addition, it uses a wide range of spices like cinnamon, saffron, turmeric, ginger, cumin etc alongside with the renowned mix of Ras el hanout.

You’ll use a range of meat like beef, chicken or lamb. Throughout the preparation, you have got to examine for many times for the consistency of the stew by gaping through the lid of the special pot.



This ancient English course is served notably on Christmas Day. Most of the households have their own form of recipes for making this dish. It takes virtually a month before it gets prepared.

You would like to try and do scores of chopping the dry fruits, before you combine with the flour, eggs and alternative necessary ingredients. Usually the ingredients is soaked into spirits or spirits. Once the pudding is ready, it’s commonly left for a month to mature into the proper flavor and style. The pudding is often doused with spirits or spirits.

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Sarson ka sag & Make ki Roti

This is a delicacy that is really popular in North India. This dish is consumed mainly during the winters, and thanks to the seasonality of the veggie sarso. Saag is one of the most important ingredients here.

Making ki roti is another massive challenge. Like all alternative dough, this one is extremely tough to mix; thanks to its coarse texture.

Few people combine some share of wheat flour to facilitate the smoothness of the dough and find an ideal form. Ideally preparing ki roti isn’t done on chakla bellen. This has to be created with hands and oil to remove the friction and avoid cracking of the chapati.

Made on a steam gas, this one takes time, so don’t expect to leave the kitchen anytime soon.

This one isn’t wheat chapati and takes its own sweet time to style to your taste. It can be consumed with white butter and jiggery.

This is one food many would die for.



This is also an Indian dish and it is perhaps the most authentic cuisine from Rajasthan. It is usually served as an entire meal called dekaliter – Bati – churma. So the Dal is the lentil curry, and Bati is formed into dough which gives the bread sweet taste.

Being an authentic dish from Rajasthan, this one is formed in pure dish clarified butter, and mastery is required from setting the proper balance right from the preparation time of the dough for Bati, and the trickiest part is the baking of the bati.

If the dough preparation is done properly, then it’ll bake into a good form.  Else it will become too exhausting (due to less clarified butter content) or will be too soft (over dose of clarified butter).

This one top the ranks as one of the most difficult Indian dishes available.

There you have it, 10 of the most difficult and confusing food recipes from around the world.

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