10 Healthy Tips to Help Improve Eye Sight – Foods and Habits That Help

by Daniel Michaels

The eyes, is said to be the ‘keys to your soul’, telling how important your eyes are, but not many really take good care of the eyes; and most importantly, many people don’t even know how to improve their eye sight to function better.

The eye is a very sensitive organ and any careless handling on your part could lead to a partial / permanent damage to your eye sight.

Most people I know, or have come in contact with take their eyes for granted. Many will say “staring into my phone for endless hours will cause nothing to my eyes”.

It might just hurt for a while and then pass, but the bitter truth is that the more keep staring into that screen or skipping good healthy meals, or even forgetting your sun glasses, the more you damage your eye sight.

Many of us are guilty of straining the eyes by working on our laptops for endless hours, watching movies and using our smartphones for surfing for endless hours as well. Am not innocent though of the “staring into the screen” aspect. I mean, I do that a lot since the internet is my main source of income, and I have to often use my laptop to do most of my work.

But, I didn’t feel any threat using my laptop for that long continually (while straining my eyes) not until one fateful Sunday that I couldn’t even stare at the light bulb in my room.

Then, it struck me, “You have stressed these eyes too much”.

Our eyes act in a very funny way and you shouldn’t take any pain you feel relating to your eyes for granted.

Alright, enough with my long talk already! Let’s get to the 10 healthy tips on how to improve your eye sight. These tips worked for me and if you read this article thoroughly am sure you will find some nuggets of truth and facts that will help improve your eye sight for the better; and if you do spend endless hours surfing, then this article is definitely for you.


eating well for good eye sight

Basically, most of you that get up early for work often forget to eat something before leaving and all you will say is “I will get something at work”.

Of course you will!

But what happens is that you get carried away with workloads and some other stuffs, and before you know it, its 5pm.

Holy crap!

You have spent your whole day staring at your computer screen, poring through paper works, having executive meetings, etc.

You have thus skipped your breakfast, lunch and you end up eating dinner late.

Does this sound like you, because I know I was once guilty of this same scenario?

Eating well should be an attitude, and consuming the right nutrients should be your priority. Foods like spinach are very rich in zeaxanthin and lutein, and are also rich in vitamin A,B,C and E.

Spinach prevents disorders like cataract, although so people feel the taste is awful, I feel that way too but you can try carrots too if you detest spinach that much.

Carrots contains beta-carotene which transforms into Vitamin A and it enhances the eye organ. Broccoli, avocado, berries and fish, chocolate, sugar, white rose, eggs etc. are also foods that can help enhance your sight.

And by the way, you don’t have to eat them raw, just try preparing them alongside other foods.


protecting your eyes from computer screens.

So, remember I was telling you earlier on about how I couldn’t stare into the light bulb all of a sudden one Sunday morning.

It was a really terrible experience!

All of a sudden everything got blurry and my eyes ached as if several needles were pricked into them, like a scene from the movie Hell Raiser, whenever light came in contact with them.

I was scared.

Really really scared!

It didn’t get any better until I visited an optometrist, who scanned through my eyes and told me exactly why I was feeling that way. It was as a result of staring too long into my computer screen without taking any precautions. I never knew that those rays from continuous surfing and working online could cause that much damage.

Sure, I have heard some stuffs concerning overworking on your system, but never really took it serious.

What point am I making here?

Am not saying you should stop working on your computer system, or quit your job. All am saying is minimize the way you stare into those screens, be it you phone, laptops etc. The light that reflects from the screen causes a lot of harm to the eye sight.

You could do yourself good by using a screen guard both for your laptops and smart phones.

In a paper published in 2011 in the journal Optometry and Vision Science, it said “people on average hold smartphones about 14 inches away when reading and sometimes as close as seven inches” Even as this claim is not a lie at all, still yet our eyes are in danger if they are exposed to something like this. So, kindly do yourself a favor and reduce drastically the way to access those gadgets of your ranging from MP3, Phone, Laptop, Tablets etc.


sun glasses for eye protection

Honestly speaking, this is one of the best ways of shielding your eyes when stepping out of the house. There are specific sunglasses that will help in protecting your eyes from the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays.  I wouldn’t recommend any. All I can say is get the right size and you are good to go.

Meet with a professional to get a prescription.

Also, there are medicated glasses that are made in the form of sunglasses. If you feel your prescribed glasses look too old-fashioned when you step out, then ask your optometrist for medicated glasses in the form of sunglasses. There are contact lens too that provide this UV protection but, adding a layer to it will go just fine.


keeping your eyes hydrated

It shouldn’t be only when you are exhausted or going through an ailment that you should stay hydrated.

Stay hydrated always.

It’s extremely necessary if you don’t want to be running to the optometrist office this year.

If your eyes are often dried or even blurry, don’t just wash your face with water. Also drink at least two cups of water.

In fact, make it a habit to take two glasses of water every morning before breakfast.

In addition, don’t just wash your face, splash water into your face wide open and this should do a lot of magic by leaving you feeling refreshed.

Another water remedy that really works is storing water in a copper vessel overnight and drinking in the morning. Copper give incredible healing to the eyes and several organs in the body.


quit smoking for good eye sight

In as much as you might not like this particular tip, I am not going to hesitate in sharing; because, quitting smoking will go a long way in improving your eye sight.

Smoking alone is extremely harmful to the lungs, and then your eyes.

Just imagine how harmful it will be, all those smoke going straight into your eyes. Smoking damages your optic nerves and leads to muscular degeneration, thus causing cataracts.

Even though I mentioned earlier on that eating spinach can prevent disorders like cataracts, what if you don’t eat spinach? What if you are allergic to spinach?

What happens then?

I know it could be quite difficult trying to quit smoking, especially if you are heavy on it, but anything is possible if you put your mind to it; and only if you are determined to quit.

Keep on trying and very soon you will stop. Also, seek a doctor’s advice on it.


good sleep for good eye sight

I understand the fact that your work and daily activities won’t allow you have enough rest in the day time or even at night.

Its normal routine, especially if your work for the public service.

The job can be quite hectic and demanding that you consider yourself lucky if you get up to 3hours of sleep daily.

This doesn’t apply to just those in the public service, but those into online businesses as well. Sleeps seems to be elusive and a luxury.

When you sleep less, you tend to develop slight headaches that elevate to chronic headaches and before you know it, you are developing a fever already. According to St-Onge in a news article published by American Heart Association News . Sleep is important and “not something that can be dismissed without dire consequences,”

So if you want to have a good eye sight, make out time and sleep at least for 6 hours.

That should go a long way in helping your eyes.



Am sure you are wondering how red onions can be of help when it practically hurts while slicing them. As ridiculous as it may sound, red onions can contribute immensely to the good functioning of your eyesight.

You don’t believe me?

Wait till I unfold the main secret behind this discovery.

Now, I didn’t say yellow onions. I said red onions, and these special kind of onion contains antioxidant and quercetin that is said to bluntly protect the eyes from cataracts. It’s not just carrots that are good at protecting the eyes from cataracts, red onions perform the same job.

So, cultivate the habit today of cooking with red onion as often as possible so as to improve your eyesight.


wear sun glasses to protect your eyes

These items are used to protect the most sensitive and delicate organ of your body, so taking extreme good care of it should be a priority.

According to a study conducted by the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, in Dallas, approximately 85 percent of those who wear contacts claim that they’re caring for their lenses properly, but only 2 percent really are.

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Imagine just 2 percent actually caring for their contacts out of 85 percent.

It’s appalling.

There are several procedure in caring for your contacts. Am sure the doctor that prescribed it to you explained the procedure. Then why not follow this procedure and keep your contact kens cared for?

The same applies to the glasses; medicated or not. It shouldn’t be left lying around. Keep it either in the pouch or in a case where no one can misuse or damage it.



Nowadays, not only ladies wear makeup. It is now been used by both gender, so I won’t be specific in the particular tip. I will just speak to both gender.

Applying makeup is awesome, as many believe. It tends to give a beautiful and elegant look that leaves many people staring and admiring your face over and over again.

But, leaving that mascara lying on your eyes without washing off before going to bed leaves some particles in the eyes that could be very harmful.

Also, changing your mascara tube every 3 months should be a good way of caring for your eyes. If you don’t do so, then you are inviting bacteria straight into the tube. When you do apply the mascara again, you are seriously inviting troubles to the eyes.

“Putting liner inside the lash line can block the oil glands, which protect your eyes’ surface,” says Ruth D. Williams, M.D., a former president of the American Academy of Ophthalmology.  So, avoid putting that liner directly under your eyes, there are other makeup options you just need to research.


eye doctor
This job isn’t always easy

Regular visitation to your eye doctor is earnestly advised. You should take your kids along as well, as it’s good to tend their eyes as well. Seems kids to spend more time on the screen these days compared to some decades back.

These visitations can help protect your eye sight and those of your kids, and invariably improve your eye sight.

You can see two types of eye doctors. The Ophthalmologist who specializes in eye care and they specifically treat eye diseases and perform eye surgery, and the Optometrists who only provide general eye care and treat eye diseases but don’t perform surgery.

During most of these visits to an eye doctor, the kind of things to expect would be questions about: personal and family medical history, test to see how your eyes work, a check for glaucoma that will involve a pressure and a optic nerve test, and finally, microscopic and external examination on the eyes before and after dilation.

In conclusion, these are some of the healthy tips to help improve your eye sight; and you don’t have to break the bank to achieve this. The eyes are your precious assets and if you cause damages to them, getting them to function the way they should would be a problem.

Just think of the disadvantages of going blind, and if you are wise and smart, you will start doing something about your eyes today.

Remember the saying that a stitch in time, saves nine!

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